Houses Damaged By Natural Causes

House Damages Caused By Flooding and Landslides

If you are a homeowner, it is important to understand the perils of flooding and landslides in your region. Most people are caught by surprise when it floods and their properties are damaged. Many areas in the U.S and other countries are being affected by freak weather due to changes brought about by global warming. Landslides are also more common in many states and the most affected people are homeowners.

Whether you have homeowner insurance or flood insurance, it is important to appreciate the types of house damages caused by flooding and landslide these geological processes can cause(boligsalgsrapport). Here are just a few:

Roof House Damages Caused By Flooding and Landslide

The roof is the most prominent part of your house and it is exposed to nature. Your home’s roof is prone to wind damage(trykktesting) and this is common during floods. During a landslide, a weak roof will be the first to collapse especially in older homes. It is important to buy homeowner insurance for your property and understand what it covers. Flood and earthquake insurance is also important if you are living in an area listed as a risk zone for such geological processes.

Structural House Damages Caused By Flooding and Landslide

During floods or a landslide, your home is susceptible to structural damage(selge bolig selv). A weak foundation will cave in and the rest of the house might come crashing down. Landslides and floods can also cause partial damage especially if your house has cracks on the wall and foundation. Such structural weaknesses increase the chance of further house damages(takstmann kristiansand) caused by flooding and landslide.

Basement House Damages Caused By Flooding and Landslide

In flood prone zones, most houses are at risk of basement flooding especially where the foundation is already damaged. Cracks on the foundation allow water to seep in. Clay soils will also expend during floods and cause further damage to the foundation. A flooded basement leads to property damage and increases humidity levels in the house, which is a health hazard.

Total House Damages Caused By Flooding and Landslide

Building in a landslide zone is risky and it can ruin your home. Floods have also been known to totally wipe entire homes leading to monumental losses if the home is not insured.

It is important to carry out due diligence before building or buying a home in any area to avoid property damage. You should also invest in insurance coverage for the type of risk your home is exposed to. More importantly, remember homeowner insurance does not cover house damages caused by flooding and landslide.