What’s All The Buzz About

Scientists have been concerned over the future of bees. The fact is that the hives are in deep trouble if the colonies continue to struggle. It all started back in 2006 when a crisis of bees was reported by many farmers. Losing massive amounts of bees, many were reporting a loss of more than a third of their hives. Finding empty boxes, except for the queen, was the story heard around much of the country. These losses were unprecedented and it all happened so quickly.

The killer condition is called CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder. Bees are still struggling, and the colonies are weaker than ever before. Across the US, it is reported that there is a 45 percent loss of hives. A fifteen percent loss is acceptable, but a loss of this magnitude threatens the industry. The main question is why so many people are worried about these insects that sting anyway? Bees are important pollinators and their role is critical. Bees keep commercial agriculture productive, and about one-third of crops rely on these insects. Believe it or not, bees contributed more than fifteen billion dollars to US crop production.

 beeWhile we wouldn’t starve if they weren’t here, we would lose good and healthy food, bee products which are also very good for our health and immune system. Nowdays, all of these are very easy to buy online at Bee Pollen company site.

In other case we would have to pay farmers an expensive price to find other pollination techniques. Another factor to consider is that bee health gives us a real look into the overall environmental health. The crisis that settled in the US has now become a problem in Asia and parts of Europe. Viral infections are the likely culprit, and many experts are comparing it to the AIDS virus in humans. While a human doesn’t really die from HIV or AIDS, they die from the complications it causes. The fact is the bee’s immune systems are compromised is a significant concern.What is killing these bees and their immunity is the questions that many want answered.

Some say that pesticides, parasites and starvation are causing the problems. The queen’s ability to maintain the hive is also a concern. It’s true, sub lethal doses of neonicotinoids are used on many farming products. From wheat to corn and even soy beans, these products wouldn’t be the same without it. The bees are dying in droves and if something or someone doesn’t do something to stop, bees may become extinct and something that children read about in books.